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UFFO Film Festival Members

Here are the film festivals and other organizations who support and have adopted our "Film Festival Code of Practice"

  1. Taiwan International Children's Film Festival, TICFF


  3. 24fps International Short Film Festival


  5. 360|365 Film Festival

  6. 5Point Film Festival

  7. 9FilmFest


  9. AFO - International Festival of Science Documentary Films

  10. African Film Commission

  11. All Things Hollywood Co.

  12. American Documentary Film Festival and Film Fund

  13. American INSIGHT

  14. Animal Film Festival

  15. Annapolis Film Festival

  16. Arab Film Fest

  17. ARES Film & Media Festival

  18. Arusha African Film Festival

  19. Asian Institute of Media and Communications - Bangladesh (AIMC)

  20. Association Contemporary Art Addiction

  21. Association for festival organisation ISFMF

  22. AVANCA Film Festival

  23. Azerbaycani Youth Film Festival

  24. Baja International Film Festival

  25. Ballinamore international film festival

  26. Barents Ecology Film Festival

  27. Berkshire International Film Festival

  28. Big As Texas Short Film Festival

  29. Black Stump Animation Festival

  30. Bram Stoker International Film Festival

  31. British Student Film Festival

  32. Buried Alive Film Festival

  33. Byron Bay International Film Festival

  34. Campaign for an Independent Britain

  35. Campeche Film Festival


  37. Cardiff Independent Film Festival

  38. Carmarthen Bay Film Festival

  39. Cars In Film Film Festival

  40. Charleston International Film Festival

  41. Charlotte Black Film Festival

  42. Cheyenne International Film Festival

  43., LLC

  44. CIFF California - The Chico Independent Film Festival

  45. Cincinnati Film Festival

  46. cinema fest

  47. cinema st. louis

  48. Cinema under the Stars

  49. Columbus International Film + Video Festival

  50. Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival

  51. Crowdfunding Film Festival

  52. Dark Carnival Film Festival

  53. Deep Fried Film

  54. Delta Moon Student Film Festival

  55. Depth Of Field International Film festival

  56. Derby City Film Festival

  57. Docs Without Borders Film Fest

  58. Eclipse Film Festival

  59. ÉCU- The European Independent Film Festival

  60. Eerie Horror Film Festival


  62. FAM Fest

  63. Feel Good Film Festival


  65. Festhome LTD

  66. Festival Cine//B

  67. Festival Internacional de Cine de Hermosillo

  68. Festival international du Court métrage de Tiznit

  69. Festival Sannio, Cinema & Rock'N'Roll

  70. FESTROIA - International Film Festival of Setubal

  71. FICAIJ (International Film Festival for Children and Youth)

  72. FICTS - Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs

  73. FilmFest Twain Harte

  74. Filmfestival sul Paesaggio

  75. FiLUMS- LUMS Annual Film Festival

  76. Fingal Film Festival - Ireland

  77. Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival

  78. FoPe Fest

  79. Freetown Film Festival

  80. Full Sail University

  81. Garden State Film Festival

  82. Gasparilla Film Festiva

  83. Global Music Awards

  84. Grand Bayou Short Film Showcase

  85. Greenville International Film Festival

  86. Hangzhou Asian Film Festival, HAFF


  88. HorrorQuest Film Festival

  89. Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona

  90. Il Serraglio - Associazione Culturale

  91. Imphal International Short Film Festival

  92. Independents' Film Festival

  93. IndieGesta

  94. Insight Film Festival

  95. International Acdemy of Film and Media

  96. International Black Women's Film Festival

  97. International Family Film Festival

  98. International Film Festival "STEPS"

  99. International Freedom Festival

  100. International Mobil Film Festival

  101. International Peace & Film Festival

  102. International Random Film Festival

  103. International Shorts Festival Cinema Perpetuum Mobile

  104. International Youth Film Festival


  106. Iraq Short Film Festival

  107. ISFF

  108. Italian Contemporary Film Festival [ICFF]

  109. Ithaca College

  110. Jaipur International Film Festival

  111. Jamaica Film Academy/Reggae Film Festival

  112. Judaica-Mostra de Cinema e Cultura

  113. Kerry Film Festival

  114. L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival and L.A. Comedy Scripts

  115. Le Festival du nouveau cinéma

  116. Liberty High School - Liberty Film Alliance

  117. London Turkish Film Festival

  118. Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival

  119. Madeira Film Festival

  120. Maeya Culture Exchange Group

  121. MassComedia Institute, Pvt. Ltd. Noida, India


  123. Mile High Horror Film Festival

  124. Mood Indigo

  125. Moondance International Film Festival

  126. NAFTI Students Film Festival

  127. national association of universitys

  128. Navi Mumbai International Film Festival NMIFF

  129. New Media Film Festival

  130. New York Indian Film Festival

  131. Nile's Diaspora International Film Festival

  132. Northwest Filmmakers' Festival

  133. NuHo Film Festival

  134. One In Ten/Reel Affirmations

  135. Paraj Mumbai Short Film Festival

  136. Peace On Earth Film Festival


  138. Physicians for Social Responsibility

  139. Play Full

  140. Play on Film Fest

  141. Prince of Prestige Academy

  142. Pro Line Film Academy

  143. Queens World Film Festival

  144. Quickflick World

  145. Real to Reel Film Festival

  146. Renderyard Short Film Festival

  147. RIFF - Rome Independent Film Festival

  148. ROFFEKE - Rock 'n' Roll Film Festival, Kenya

  149. Rolling Frames Film Society

  150. Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival

  151. S. Tx Underground Film Fest

  152. Salento International Film Festival

  153. San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival

  154. San Diego IndieFest

  155. Sarasota Film Festival


  157. SCRIPT International Short Film Festival

  158. Scriptapalooza Inc.

  159. SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival

  160. Sequence Short Film Festival

  161. SERILE FILMULUI GAY International Film festival

  162. Shaan-e-awadh International Film Festival

  163. Shorts Showcase

  164. ShotCuts - An International Short Film Festival

  165. Sierra Leone Film Festival

  166. Solstice Film Festival

  167. Stiletto Film Fest

  168. Student Art Festival [STARTFEST]

  169. Student Cuts film festival

  170. Student Film Festival London

  171. suns creen film festival

  172. Super Shorts International Film Festival

  173. Taos Shortz Film Fest

  174. Terra di Siena International Film Festival

  175. The Duluth Superior Film Festival

  176. The Lagniappe Film and Music Festival

  177. The London MENA Film Festival

  178. The MINT Film Festival

  179. The Trailer Festival

  180. Trail Dance Film Festival

  181. TxEvents Marketing Group


  183. University of Saint Joseph

  184. University of the West of Scotland

  185. Vancouver Film School

  186. Vancouver International Film Festival

  187. Waterford Film Festival

  188. Waterfront Festival of International Films Lavasa

  189. Who is Who in Nigerian Entertainment

  190. WILLiFEST

  191. WINE COUNTRY FILM FESTIVAL (Santa Rosa intl Film Festival)

  192. Worcestershire Film Festival

  193. World festival of Student and Non-commercial films

  194. WRPN Women's Film festival

  195. WRPN Global Webisode Film festival

  196. WRPN Short, tight and loose film festival

  197. filmfestivalascona

  198. onecloudfest

  199. Zayed University Middle East Film Festival (ZUMEFF)

  200. Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust

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